Online Custom Personal Trainer Fitness Workouts

Personal Trainer Custom Workout plans designed specifically for YOU!


Our Custom Workouts by a certified online personal trainer give you access to cutting edge fitness trends and provide you with an elite exercise workout plan. The custom workout is designed for your specific fitness goals, and it's a fraction of the cost of hiring a traditional personal trainer.


It's simple to get started and our personal trainers make it convenient to workout on your own schedule!

First, you register for an online personal trainer workout and then complete our comprehensive fitness and goals questionnaire. With this confidential fitness questionnaire, you provide our personal trainers with the fitness information they need to design you an individualized training workout exercise plan to meet your fitness goals.

Custom personal trainer exercise plans include fitness goal workouts like:

Your custom workout is designed to keep you motivated and attaining your workout goals in no time. We are the experts in personal training so our custom workouts are more than just a list of exercises. We take care of every exercise detail to ensure that your custom workout is designed specifically for you and your training goals.

Whether you want to train at home, at your work gym, at your home or condo gym, or at some other outdoors, we'll create the perfect blend of resistance training, conditioning and core training that will help you reach your goals in the most effective way. To top it off, all of our Custom Workout packages provide you with the ability to contact your personal trainer and get quick answers to any questions or concerns you have regarding your individualized personal training package.

At Virtually Fit, our philosophy is that exercise is only one part of the equation when it comes to reaching your health and fitness goals. To help you meet your training goals, our Custom Personal Training memberships include access to all of our nutrition plans. Our detailed nutrition plans are more than great meal and snack ideas; they'll help empower you to make positive nutrition choices and incorporate a healthy diet into your life.

You will receive a online customized personal trainer fitness workout with direct communication with your personal trainer to answer all you questions and you will have access to healthy meal plans for only $49. Register for your online personal trainer workout for only $49. Start getting fit and healthy today!