New Mom and Baby Exercise Workout Plan

Frequency and Duration
Level 1 3 days, 10-15min
Level 2 4 days, 15-20min
Level 3 4 days, 15-25min
Level 4 4 days, 15-25min
Location Home, Park or Anywhere
New Mom and Baby Exercise Workout Plan

( Note : *Clients must get clearance from the appropriate care providers in advance of beginning this workout. )

Congratulations on being a new mom! Virtually Fit knows this is a special time in your life and we understand the many challenges you face as a new parent and new mom. We will create a personal mom and baby exercise fitness program designed to fit your schedule, lifestyle and your fitness goals.

Many mothers want to get back into pre-pregnancy shape as quickly as possible, but struggle to find the time and energy. This 3 month workout for new moms can be done anywhere or at anytime. Virtually Fit will have you back in shape in just 20 minutes a day!

This online home new mom exercise workout program is designed specially for your personal new mom and baby needs. A personal trainer will develop an exercise plan using resistance and interval training methods. This weight loss exercise plan is the most efficient and effective way to burn fat and calories. The combination of exercises will help you to lose weight and inches on your waist, legs, arms and tone your muscles. Basically burning the fat into lean muscles. You will start seeing results before you know it and start feeling like your old self in no time.

Virtually Fit has designed online new mom fitness videos to help you easily reach your post pregnancy fitness goals! The fitness videos are easy to follow and if your have never done an exercise program before you will find them easy to do. These home exercise workout videos are for pre or post pregnant women and designed personally for you and your unique fitness goals. All you have to do is sign up and then a personal trainer will speak personally with you about your exercise plan. A new mom and baby fitness program will be developed to suit you fitness goals and then your trainer will send you an easy to follow personalized exercise plan including fitness videos tailored specifically to lose weight and inches.

Virtually Fit is your online new mom and baby fitness workout experts! Our new mom workouts are easy to follow providing online home fitness exercise plans and weight loss programs that you can comfortably do in your own home or outside at the park if you wish. Our certified personal trainers will design an exercise plan tailored to your unique lifestyle. Whether it's pushing the stroller on your walk or run, or rocking your new addition to sleep with lunges our new mom workout allows you to train with your baby so that you can workout anytime, anywhere!

Your personal new mom and baby workout plan is designed by a certified personal trainer that you can ask questions to about your home workout and your trainer will provide support for you throughout your new mom fitness workout plan.

Sign up now to get started with your online new mom workout plan at home; Your fitness for new mom workout is tailored specifically for you by a certified personal trainer! Register online now!