Summer Workout Routines by A Personal Trainer

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Workout Routines that get you results!

Virtually Fit offers online workout routines to get you back in shape and feeling comfortable with your body image again in time for summer or a trip to a sunny destination.

Start feeling confident and fit with our workout routines designed for you, personally, by a Certified Personal Trainer.

Our weight training programs and weight loss plans are convenient and easy to follow with fitness videos designed for all levels of fitness. All you need is a computer with Internet connection and you are able to watch your customized Personal Trainer designed exercise plan. The Spring and Summer diet and exercise plan offers superior workout exercise results in comparison to working out on your own.

Keep on track with your fitness goals with a personal trainer

If you are looking to try out a new way to workout or want to experience how the knowledge of a Certified Canadian Personal Trainer can improve your fitness abilities at a steady results based pace, try out our workout routines.

What exercise equipment do I need?

Virtually Fit Personal Trainers create personalized workout routines to meet your needs. If you have exercise equipment, the Personal Trainer will incorporate this into your exercise plan; if you don't that's easy too! Our Certified Personal Trainers design creative exercise plans that incorporate the enviroment or household items around you to devise the perfect workout plan just to meet your needs.

The combination of resistance, interval, speed / agility, endurance, and strength training helps to increase your overall athletic ability, burn fat and tone muslces. You will be able to feel more energy, your clothes will fit better almost right away, and you will feel more confident in your bikini or bathing suit this summer. With guidance and support from a Virtually Fit Personal Trainer, you will be burning fat and guided to the body that you have dreamed of!

What is type of workout routine is it?

Metabolic Resistance Training (MRT) has recently gained mainstream popularity as a tool to increase fat loss. MRT includes any type of training that improves the efficiency of certain energy systems, which is just about any exercise. More recently, MRT has been associated with training that uses challenging, compound (multi-joint) resistance exercises which train your large muscle groups, with short, but very important rest intervals. This type of workout can be performed as a circuit, pairs or groups of exercises, or single full body exercises.

Why use MRT exercise plans?

The goal of metabolic training is to achieve the holy grail of training: build muscle and burn fat. Through a well-designed and well executed MRT program, you can improve your body composition by building muscle and burning fat, increase your cardiovascular health, and improve your hormone profile. Another benefit of MRT is that it’s efficient and you don’t have to waste precious time to get great results. Also, even though it’s tough to admit while you’re in the middle of your third set of weighted burpees, MRT is fun! For most people, performing a dynamic, full body workout is a lot more fun and engaging than sitting on your a** doing bicep curls.

How do we create your workout plan?

    There are countless ways of designing your MRT program and the best way is to talk to a qualified and experienced fitness professional. The exercises used in MRT can use:
  • High intensity
  • Heavy weights
  • Compound (multi-joint) and full body exercises
  • Short (but valuable) rest periods
  • Alternating couplet sets, groups, circuits

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The workout is 2 phases (4 weeks each) of full body training to help burn fat and build muscle ad strength.

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Personal trainers normally charge $75 for one workout session but your online personal trainer will create a personalized workout program for you to follow for only $19.

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