Target Workouts

Our personal fitness trainers have designed 5 unique Target Workouts to address the common themes in fitness workouts goals they found developing fitness workout plans. The online fitness trainers found that clients' want easy to follow and convenient home fitness workout video plans and weight loss plans to meet their specific training goals.

weight loss fitness workout video plan for $19 Virtually Fit is pleased to offer a target workout designed specifically for you by our personal trainers for only $19. Have a certified fitness trainer design you an easy to follow, convenient, online fitness video workout plan tailored to your own personal fitness goals! Check out the target workouts that you can choose from:

I Hate The Gym

home fitness workout plans

This personal fitness plan allows you to workout on your terms- at home, at work or at the park. This well rounded fitness workout focuses on increasing endurance and cardiovascular strength, and managing weight loss. With levels ranging from beginner to extreme there's something for everyone.

Weight Loss

Best Online Weight Loss Exercise Plan

This weight loss exercise workout plan combines resistance and interval training. This is the best and most healthy online weight loss plan. It is the most efficient and effective way to build and tone your lean muscle while losing weight and inches. You will start seeing and feeling the weight loss results before you know it.

New Mom Workout

New Mom Online Fitness Workout

New moms want to get back into pre-pregnancy shape as quickly as possible. We understand the many challenges new moms face and we have created a new mom workout program designed to fit your busy schedule. This 3 month new mom fitness plan can be done anytime in only 20 minutes a day! Our Mom and Baby fitness workout can incorporate pushing the stroller on your walk or run or doing lunges while watching your baby sleep beside you. ( Note : *Clients must get clearance from the appropriate care providers in advance of beginning this workout. )

Weekend Warrior

bootcamp workouts

A workout designed for all the weekend warriors out there looking to regain that edge while competing in your favorite sports. This combination of resistance, interval, speed / agility, bootcamp workouts and plyometric training is perfect to help increase your overall athletic ability. You will be able to compete harder and faster for longer, giving you a better chance to outplay everyone else on the field, rink, court, or diamond.

Intro To The Gym

Intro to the Gym workout

Great for clients that are new to the gym or for those of us looking for something new to help us get focused. Many of us are intimidated by the gym while many others waste money on a gym pass that is never used. This introduction to full body resistance training and interval training will provide you with the guidance and confidence you need to help improve every aspect of your physical fitness.