Metabolic Training & Boot Camp Fitness Workouts

Frequency and Duration
Level 1 3 days, 25 min
Level 2 4 days, 30min
Level 3 5 days, 30-35min
Location Anywhere
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Virtually Fit is pleased to offer online bootcamp fitness workouts with convenient easy to follow fitness videos designed for all levels of fitness.

Boot Camp workouts also known as recruit training or basic training in the military. If you are looking to try out a new way to workout, want to experience what a military workout entails or enjoy working out wherever you travel than the boot camp workout right for you.

This combination of resistance, interval, speed / agility, endurance, strength training is perfect to help increase your overall athletic ability. You will be able to compete harder and burn fat easier giving you the fit body that you have dreamed of.

What is Metabolic Training?

Metabolic Resistance Training (MRT) has recently gained mainstream popularity as a tool to increase fat loss. Technically, MRT includes any type of training that improves the efficiency of certain energy systems, which is just about any exercise. More recently, MRT has been associated with training that uses challenging, compound (multi-joint) resistance exercises which train your large muscle groups, with short, but very important rest intervals. This type of workout can be performed as a circuit, pairs or groups of exercises, or single full body exercises.

Metabolic Training does NOT:

  • Use single joint exercises (ex: seated bicep curls, leg extensions, triceps press downs)
  • Use long rest periods (more than a minute)
  • Skip the rest between sets (if you are not resting, your body does not have time to recover to perform the next set at a high intensity)
  • Last longer than an hour (if you are able to perform your workout for much longer than an hour, your intensity probably isn’t high enough)

Why use MRT exercise plans?

The goal of metabolic training is to achieve the holy grail of training: build muscle and burn fat. Through a well-designed and well executed MRT program, you can improve your body composition by building muscle and burning fat, increase your cardiovascular health, and improve your hormone profile. Another benefit of MRT is that it’s efficient and you don’t have to waste precious time to get great results. Also, even though it’s tough to admit while you’re in the middle of your third set of weighted burpees, MRT is fun! For most people, performing a dynamic, full body workout is a lot more fun and engaging than sitting on your a** doing bicep curls.

How to create a MRT exercise program:

    There are countless ways of designing your MRT program and the best way is to talk to a qualified and experienced fitness professional. The exercises used in MRT can use:
  • High intensity
  • Heavy weights
  • Compound (multi-joint) and full body exercises
  • Short (but valuable) rest periods
  • Alternating couplet sets, groups, circuits

Some indicators that you are performing a MRT workout:

  • You are breathing (very) heavy - you should be creating a great demand for oxygen for recovery
  • Increased heart rate - your heart should be pumping hard to get oxygen to your muscles
  • Your muscles burn
  • Your workout is relatively short - if you are performing your MRT workout correctly (high intensity), it shouldn’t last for 2 hours. You should aim for a workout that lasts closer to 45 minutes (and you should be pretty exhausted by the end of it)

What does MRT workout routine look like?

This exercise plan includes some advanced exercises and was created for an experienced trainee.

The workout is 2 phases (4 weeks each) of full body training to help burn fat and build muscle ad strength. For only $19 your will receive the first phase personalize metabolic 4 week training workout from our certified personal trainer. Save money now buying both phases which equals an 8 week MRT exercise plan for only $29! You will have access to a certified personal trainer to ask questions or talk to them about your concerns. Get started now with your online bootcamp workout.