Online Personal Trainers Outdoor Workouts for Remote Areas!

Online Personal Trainer Remote Exercise Plan

Online Trainer Fitness Video Options
Level 1 4 days/week, 15-25min
Level 2 4-5 days/week, 20-30 min
Level 3 6 days/ week, 30-45min
Location Stream Exercise videos to your RV TV or computer
Remote workouts with our Online personal trainer

Hate working out in the gym or do you live in a remote area with no gym? Do you have limited access to a gym and want to workout in remote areas or do you enjoy the outdoors and just want an exercise workout plan to give you a reason to get outside more? Do you feel like you don't have enough self discipline to lose weight and meet your fitness goals by yourself?

Virtually Fit has a solution to meet your fitness and weight loss goals. Virtually Fit offers online personal trainers that provide you with an exercise plan specific to your fitness goals and the best online workout videos for you to follow. Our fitness videos are easy to follow and convenient to watch. They will easily explain to you the exercises that you will want to do outdoors to meet your fitness goals. Streaming fitness videos has never been easier; Get the results that you want on your own schedule! Get a personal trainer to create a custom workout plan that is easy to do in your remote area and have fun doing it!

The outdoor or remote fitness workout plans are personally designed by a Virtually Fit personal trainer and can be sent to you by streaming exercise videos through your computer. The videos entail a trainer showing your the proper alignment of the exercise to help you easily reach your fitness goals safely!

It has never been easier to watch the videos, our online trainers design exercise plans specifically for your personal fitness goals.

The trainers develop exercise plans using resistance and interval training methods using the objects in your surroundings like hills, steps, trees, sand or a park bench. This is the most efficient and effective way to burn fat and calories. The combination of exercises will help you to lose weight and inches on your waist, legs, arms and tone your muscles. Basically burning the fat into lean muscles. You will start seeing and feeling the results before you know it!

The fitness videos are easy to follow and if your have never done an exercise program before you will find them easy to do. These outdoor exercise workout videos are for women or men and individualized to your own personal fitness goals. All you have to do is sign up and a personal trainer will speak with you about your health concerns and fitness goals. An online fitness video plan will be developed to suit you fitness goals and your trainer will send you easy to follow personalized exercise plan which includes the appropriate fitness videos tailored specifically to get your body into shape.

Custom workouts provide our clients the chance to work directly with a certified personal trainer and create a unique workout plan which takes into account your specific needs like injuries, where to workout, access to equipment, and desired frequency of workouts. This is true online personal training.


Through our health questionnaire and email communication, our online trainers determine the most effective workout to help our clients reach their goals.

Online Personal Trainer Stream Fitness Workout Videos straight to you!


Virtually Fit offers custom exercise workouts for only $49.00 per month. You will receive:

  • Personalized fitness workout plan designed by a certified personal trainer
  • One on One communication with your personal trainer 24/7
  • Revisions to your workout to adapt to your workout changes
  • Meal plans to help you lose weight

Achieve your fitness goals faster with a custom workout from an online personal trainer

We stream online fitness videos, exercise plans and weight loss programs to your computer in the comfort of your own home, or work. Our online trainers will speak with you to determine the right combination of workout videos.

Get your custom tailored fitness videos now! Register to get started with your online fitness video workout program. Get a certified personal trainer to create an exercise workout plan specific to your needs. Register online now for an easy personalized workout plan! It's easy and it works! Sign up now!

You can purchase a custom fitness workout including the fitness exercise videos and exercise meal plans designed for you from our certified personal trainers by filling out the registeration form. Theonline fitness videos are easy to follow, available to view whenever you want to workout and it's only $49.00 per month. Start getting fit today!